Inspector - Work Arrangement to wages

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Enables smart management of organization working hours

Work arrangement

Maintaining the organization from an economic point of view The requirements of the law, by operating a work arrangement system, which warns of irregularities

  • Organization budget savings enabled by controlling the workplan and overtime

  • avoiding deviation from legal requirements by anomaly-alert report produced directly from the workplan

  • Saving by controlling organization wages processing

Real-time alerts, repairs and completions

  • Real-time control over employee attendance in an unlimited site locations, no extra manpower needed

  • Optional automatic and immediate report to supervisor over late / absent employee

  • Maximal accuracy of time clock according to weekly work arrangement

  • Same-day missing attendance report completion, thereby avoiding cumbersome processes of attendance report completion at the end of every month

  • Computerized report replacing time-consuming manual reports

Management and wages reports

Customized reports according to client demand

An example of an employee report

Example of a site report

Exception report

Work arrangement report

Report to system hours processing

BI Report

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